Air Jordan XVII (17) Retro

AIR JORDAN XⅦ: 2001 - 2002 (February 2002) Air Jordan 17 shoes Jordan comeback (back again). Michael is expected that they will re-enter the beloved stadium flame, so he threw himself into the XⅦ designs. XⅦ AIR JORDAN series shoes is the most expensive one, this shoe design was inspired by jazz - sturdy shoes sole material to provide a stable foundation for a dynamic material, as well as a lot of space for improvisation. In Washington, Michael's track heroic reminder that he can still dunk. He has played with the Chicago Bulls of the duel, he completed the first 30,000 career points. XⅦ metal packaging shoebox shoes, shoes with a presentation CD Get Nike Air Jordan XⅦ research process. Click order for the most up to date Air Jordan 17 release dates, information, and colorways, order Cheap Air Jordan XVII (17) Retro

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